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Employee Wellness Counseling Services was founded as a service uniquely designed to assist businesses with stressed related problems in relations to employees; and to help reduce costs associated with stress related employee illnesses.


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Most organizations have no idea just how much employee stress costs them each year. A 1990 study by the Princeton, NJ, firm of Foster Higgins & Co. indicated that corporate health benefits cost the average company 45 percent of its after-tax profits. With research implicating stress in 60 percent to 90 percent of medical problems, companies cannot afford to ignore the huge health-care expense employee stress creates.

Although the relationship between stress and health care costs has received considerable attention, the true price tag is far greater than health care costs alone. Studies show that stress adds to the cost of doing business in a number of ways. 

Employee Wellness Counseling Services is here to help your company identify the many different ways stress affects your productivity and profits and to assist your business in a proper balance between management, profit directives, employee motivation and job satisfaction.


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